Origin of the Ethiopian Moor society, child of Israel's vessel for deliverance, true "American Negro." Let your mind create love.  22 years young.

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"If I ruled the world, I’d free all my sons." -Nas
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Les Nubians

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Natural black beauty over everything.


Did a twitter lecture today on white terrorism in response to Rodgers and I don’t want to retype it on here so here y’all go

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Walter Frier

Portrait of the Princess of Zanzibar with an African Attendant

Oil on Canvas

Scotland (Oterston-John Henderson)

18th Century reproduction of 17th Century Original

An inscription on the back reads:

John Henderson of Fordell Travelling in his youth thro Several parts of Asia and Africa from ye 1618 to ye 1628 was delivered unto Slavery by a Barbari Prince in Zanquebar on the Cost of Africa where a Princess of that Countrie contrived to the mians of both their Escape and getting aboard a ship trading up ye Red Sea landed and cam to Alexandrea where she died whose Picture Mr Henderson cauised take with her black Maid after their own country habit. From ye original picture at Oterston by W Frier, 1731.

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